A wide range of tailor made courses, comprising either short sessions making up a half day session, or a half or full day can be arranged based around a number of topics.

Some topics include:

  • Hearing Impairment
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Assessment in all areas of language including Conversational skills, Semantics, Grammar and Phonology
  • Phonetic transcription and phonological assessment


Costs are based on providing individualised and tailor made courses to suit your needs. They are usually a half day or full day and may also take the form of a series of sessions/ workshops.
  • Full day £650
  • Half day £350
  • Twilight £295
  • Travel charged at 50p per mile plus subsistence expenses

Children with Cochlear Implants

A specific set of training packages for professionals working within Cochlear Implant Programmes and others working in the field with deaf children with Cochlear Implants:

  • Working with children and young people who have received a sequential Cochlear Implant
  • Early intervention with the very young implanted child
  • Working with children who have additional needs (in particular children with cerebral palsy, dyspraxia and autism)
  • Working with children who have a cochlear implant (this course is designed for speech and language therapists/ rehabilitationists who are working in the field of deafness and who have little experience of cochlear implants)

What people say

"Good sized group, plus Ruth's presenting style, experience, expertise and approachability all very conducive to learning!"

"Thanks Ruth, a really great first three days- I already feel so much more confident in my own levels of knowledge and experience"

Target Audience

  • Parents,
  • Teachers,
  • Teaching Assistants,
  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators,
  • Nursery Nurses,
  • Playgroup organisers,
  • Speech and Language Therapists,
  • Psychologists.

Delivering speech and language therapy
programmes in the classroom

Are you often asked to carry out the SLT programme in the classroom and are not certain how to incorporate their aims into the already over-filled curriculum? This session will provide you with practical ideas as to how to incorporate the SLT aims into your everyday teaching, offering the child opportunities to learn, practice and develop their relevant skills.

Working with children with additional difficulties

This half day session will explore the differential diagnosis for children with hearing impairment and additional needs. Methods of assessment and intervention will be explored.