Medico-legal Expert Witness


Medico-legal experience

With a track record of 20 years providing timely, clear, independent medical reports to the legal profession, Ruth fully understands the requirements of instructing solicitors, in particular the restricted timescales for civil litigation, the limitations of expertise, and the absolute need for independent, balanced consideration.

She has over 30 years clinical experience in Speech and Language Therapy with a specialism in hearing impairment in adults and children as well as children
with complex needs including cerebral palsy and learning disability.

Ruth has been commissioned to provide expert witness for both claimants, defendants, and as a single joint expert.


Medico-legal fees

All work carried out of behalf of client: £130 p.h. (Revised rates April 2012)
Usual costs for assessment and report (these must be viewed as a guideline only- individual cases may vary considerably):

    2 - 4 hours assessment:
    8 - 13 hours reading documentation, carrying out assessment analysis and report writing:
    Approximate Total: £1,300- £2,210
    Additional work carried out after completion of report will be costed at £130 per hour.
    Travel expenses: £50 p.h. Petrol 50p.p.m.